Chiltern FireHouse Hotel

February 27, 2024
Location - 1 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7PA
Client - Chiltern FireHouse Hotel
Sector - Catering
The Brief

The hotel's kitchen matting was deteriorating rapidly, becoming slippery and prone to curling and breakage at the edges. This posed a significant safety risk, particularly in high-temperature areas for example around their grill. Our brief was to conduct a review of the kitchen areas and recommend matting that would immediately address these issues to ensure a safe working environment, in compliance with health and safety standards.

The Solution

This project involved a comprehensive on-site survey, during which we introduced and trialled our Interflex matting designed for challenging environments. Interflex boasts superior anti-slip properties, eliminates issues like curling and breaking, and exhibits a durability exceeding three times that of the hotel's current matting. Furthermore, each mat was made to measure to fit seamlessly within the recessed floor areas, mitigating any potential trip hazards.

Blue Diamond has consistently exceeded our expectations and is a valued partner in our operations. Their commitment to quality, responsive service, even during our 24-hour operation, and a thorough understanding of our needs provide us with complete assurance that their recommendations are the right solutions. The durability and reliability of Blue Diamond's mats are evident not only in their own test reports but also in our firsthand experiences, making them the preferred choice to ensure safety in our high-footfall areas.
Kene Udezeh, Manager
Products used
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