Interflex is the ultimate multi-use slip resistant mat designed to withstand extensive foot traffic. Interflex can be used in wet areas such as swimming pools, changing and various other sport and leisure facilities, along with industrial, construction and catering establishments where slip hazards exist. The strong, non-porous PVC with channelled underbars automatically self-drain even when faced with large amount of water, oil, grease, or chemicals. The mats embossed surface provides exceptional grip whilst the anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives ensures excellent hygiene. Interflex also offers excellent sound absorption properties. Connector clips are available for side or end joining to create the perfect shape or fit.

Slip resistant 2

Great slip resistance to level 2

Anti-fatigue properties 2

Great anti-fatigue properties, resistant to level 2

Wear resistant 3

Excellent wear resistance to level 3, suitable for heavy footfall


Anti-Microbial treatment to prevent bacterial growth

Chemical resistant

Resistant for chemicals and oils


Mats are connectable to create any shape or size

Cut to length

Mat can be cut to length

Dry area

Suitable for use in dry areas

Wet area

Suitable for use in wet environments

Oily and greasy area

Suitable for use in oily and greasy areas

Flame retardant

Suitable for use in welding areas

UV resistant

Resistant to UV rays


  • Ultimate multi-use slip resistant mat, designed to withstand extensive foot traffic
  • Two-layer construction and channelled underbars automatically self-drain when faced with large amounts of water, oil, grease, or chemicals
  • The mats embossed surface provides exceptional grip, whilst the anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives ensure excellent hygiene
  • Easy to cut and contours to uneven surfaces
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Resistant to most acids, alkaline and oils
  • Connector clips for side or end joining - sold separately
  • Material: Flexible PVC. 100% recyclable
  • Overall height: 11mm

Technical Specification

Slip resistant
Excellent slip resistance to level 2
Great anti-fatigue properties, resistant to level 2
Wear resistant
Excellent wear resistance to level 3, suitable for heavy footfall
Water absorbent
The two-layer construction and channelled underbars allows water to self-drain
Anti microbial
Chemical resistant
Yes, the mats can withstand chemicals, acids, and caustic solutions (of commercially available concentration)
Yes, mats are connectable to create any shape or fit
Cut to length
Dry area
Wet area
Oily and greasy area
Medical Area
Suitable for indoor and outside use
Flame retardant
Product testing
  • Slip Resistance - DIN 51097: Classification C
  • ASTM F 1677 - Dry/Wet: 0.9/0.7
  • Fire: EN13501-1 : 2007 - Cfl - S1
  • 100% recyclable material
  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals)
Temperature resistance
-23°C to +60°C
UV resistant
Interflex can be hand cleaned, machine and steam cleaned. When using Interflex for barefoot activity, or when used in Catering environments, we recommend using an alkaline cleaning fluid


Perfect for all wet environments including industrial sites, swimming pools and therapeutic baths, changing rooms, health resort facilities, hospitals, restrooms, workplaces, kitchens and catering facilities plus, industrial and construction establishments where free draining flooring is needed.

Variants and Sizes

Weight (kgs)
IF2433RDInterflex 60 x 10m Roll Red11mm33
IF2433GYInterflex 60 x 10m Roll Grey11mm33
IF2433GNInterflex 60 x 10m Roll Green11mm33
IF2433BUInterflex 60 x 10m Roll Blue11mm33
IF2433BLInterflex 60 x 10m Roll Black11mm33
IF3233RDInterflex 80 x 10m Roll Red11mm44
IF3233GYInterflex 80 x 10m Roll Grey11mm44
IF3233GNInterflex 80 x 10m Roll Green11mm44
IF3233BUInterflex 80 x 10m Roll Blue11mm44
IF3233BLInterflex 80 x 10m Roll Black11mm44
IF3933RDInterflex 100 x 10m Roll Red11mm55
IF3933GYInterflex 100 x 10m Roll Grey11mm55
IF3933GNInterflex 100 x 10m Roll Green11mm55
IF3933BUInterflex 100 x 10m Roll Blue11mm55
IF3933BLInterflex 100 x 10m Roll Black11mm5
IF4733RD-EHInterflex 120 x 10m Roll Red11mm70
IF4733GYInterflex 120 x 10m Roll Grey11mm66
IF4733GN-EHInterflex 120 x 10m Roll Green11mm70
IF4733BU-EHInterflex 120 x 10m Roll Blue11mm70
IF4733BL-EHInterflex 120 x 10m Roll Black11mm72
IF24RD-EHInterflex 60cm Wide Red (Cut length - per metre)11mm3.5
IF24GY-EHInterflex 60cm Wide Grey (Cut length - per metre)11mm4.3
IF24GN-EHInterflex 60cm Wide Green (Cut length - per metre)11mm3.5
IF24BU-EHInterflex 60cm Wide Blue (Cut length - per metre)11mm3.5
IF24BL-EHInterflex 60cm Wide Black (Cut length - per metre)11mm4.3
IF32RD-EHInterflex 80cm Wide Red (Cut length - per metre)11mm4.7
IF32GY-EHInterflex 80cm Wide Grey (Cut length - per metre)11mm4.7
IF32GN-EHInterflex 80cm Wide Green (Cut length - per metre)11mm4.7
IF32BU-EHInterflex 80cm Wide Blue (Cut length - per metre)11mm4.7
IF32BL-EHInterflex 80cm Wide Black (Cut length - per metre)11mm5.7
IF39RD-EHInterflex 100cm Wide Red (Cut length - per metre)11mm5.8
IF39GY-EHInterflex 100cm Wide Grey (Cut length - per metre)11mm5.8
IF39GN-EHInterflex 100cm Wide Green (Cut length - per metre)11mm5.8
IF39BU-EHInterflex 100cm Wide Blue (Cut length - per metre)11mm5.8
IF39BL-EHInterflex 100cm Wide Black (Cut length - per metre)11mm7.2
IF47RD-EHInterflex 120cm Wide Red (Cut length - per metre)11mm7
IF47GY-EHInterflex 120cm Wide Grey (Cut length - per metre)11mm8.6
IF47GN-EHInterflex 120cm Wide Green (Cut length - per metre)11mm7
IF47BU-EHInterflex 120cm Wide Blue (Cut length - per metre)11mm7
IF47BL-EHInterflex 120cm Wide Black (Cut length - per metre)11mm8.6
Your Kumfi flooring is now in place in our workshop. We've had great feedback from the team so far both in terms of aesthetically and from a safe, grip anti-slip floor covering. Along with the quick turnaround time for delivery and the helpfulness of your team, we couldn't have asked for a better service. Thank you, Blue Diamond.
Steve Fleming, Director | Storagenstuff
Thank you, thank you! From my initial enquiry to despatch, your speed of service has been exceptional. To know that I can rely on you to have stock when I need it, plus receive same day despatch, you have certainly made my job easier. Blue Diamond, its official, you truly are my favourite supplier.
James Lincoln, Sales Development, ESE Direct
Blue Diamond have seriously impressed us with their speed of service and excellent communication. Orders are frequently sent out same day and the invaluable tracking information quickly follows. The quality of their products is first class and the team regularly go the extra mile to ensure that things run smoothly. Keep up the good work!
Mark O’Sullivan, Director, Trusted Mats
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