Plushway is a hardwearing all purpose mat perfect for moderate to high traffic areas. Made using durable polypropylene fibres that are heat bonded to a heavy duty vinyl base, Plushway is great for trapping and removing soil and dirt as well as providing good moisture control. The Plushway has also been designed to offer protection to floor surfaces, as well as helping prevent slips, trips and falls.

Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your individual requirements.

Slip resistant 2

Great slip resistance to level 2

Wear resistant 2

Great wear resistance to level 2, suitable for medium to high footfall

Water absorbent 1

Good water absorbency to level 1

Crush resistant 2

Great crush resistance to level 2

Soil resistant 2

Great resistance to soiling and stains to level 2

Disability friendly

Suitable for wheelchairs

Dry area

Suitable for use in dry areas

Wheeled area

Suitable for trolleys and wheeled trucks

UV resistant

Resistant to UV rays

Zone - 3

For additional wiping


  • Hardwearing all-purpose mat, ideal for moderate to high traffic areas
  • Plush pile effectively traps and removes soil, dirt, and provides excellent moisture control
  • Offers floor surface protection and helps prevent slips, trips, and falls
  • Available in various sizes and colours to suit individual requirements
  • Material: Polypropylene fibres heat bonded to a heavy duty PVC vinyl base
  • Overall height: 7mm

Technical Specification

Slip resistant
Great slip resistance to level 2
Wear resistant
Great wear resistance to level 2, suitable for medium to high footfall
Water absorbent
Good water absorbency to level 1
Crush resistant
Great crush resistance to level 2
Soil resistant
Great resistance to soiling and stains to level 2
Disability friendly
Yes, the low profile makes it suitable for wheelchair users
Dry area
Wheeled area
Yes, the low profile allows easy access for light weight wheeled traffic
Suitable for indoor use
REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restrictions of Chemicals)
UV resistant
Use vacuum cleaner to remove dirt, or for heavier stains, hand wash using a waterbased carpet shampoo. A pressure pump can be used periodically


Ideal for placement inside entrances in offices, schools, universities, public buildings, hotels, shops, sports facilities, restaurants, offices and on construction sites.

Variants and Sizes

Weight (kgs)
PM2436BRPlushway 60 x 90cm Brown9mm1.9Brown
PM2436CHPlushway 60 x 90cm Charcoal9mm1.9Charcoal
PM2436GNPlushway 60 x 90cm Heather Green9mm1.9Heather Green
PM2436BUPlushway 60 x 90cm Navy Blue9mm1.9Navy Blue
PM2436RDPlushway 60 x 90cm Red/Black9mm1.9Red/Black
PM310BRPlushway 90 x 300cm Brown9mm9.6Brown
PM310CHPlushway 90 x 300cm Charcoal9mm9.6Charcoal
PM310GNPlushway 90 x 300cm Heather Green9mm9.6Heather Green
PM310BUPlushway 90 x 300cm Navy Blue9mm9.6Navy Blue
PM310RDPlushway 90 x 300cm Red/Black9mm9.6Red/Black
PM3648BRPlushway 90 x 120cm Brown9mm3.8Brown
PM3648CHPlushway 90 x 120cm Charcoal9mm3.8Charcoal
PM3648GNPlushway 90 x 120cm Heather Green9mm3.8Heather Green
PM3648BUPlushway 90 x 120cm Navy Blue9mm3.8Navy Blue
PM3648RDPlushway 90 x 120cm Red/Black9mm3.8Red/Black
PM3660BRPlushway 90 x 150cm Brown9mm4.8Brown
PM3660CHPlushway 90 x 150cm Charcoal9mm4.8Charcoal
PM3660GNPlushway 90 x 150cm Heather Green9mm4.8Heather Green
PM3660BUPlushway 90 x 150cm Navy Blue9mm4.8Navy Blue
PM3660RDPlushway 90 x 150cm Red/Black9mm4.8Red/Black
PM4872BRPlushway 120 x 180cm Brown9mm7.5Brown
PM4872CHPlushway 120 x 180cm Charcoal9mm7.5Charcoal
PM4872GNPlushway 120 x 180cm Heather Green9mm7.5Heather Green
PM4872BUPlushway 120 x 180cm Navy Blue9mm7.5Navy Blue
PM4872RDPlushway 120 x 180cm Red/Black9mm7.5Red/Black
PM4896BRPlushway 120 x 240cm Brown9mm10Brown
PM4896CHPlushway 120 x 240cm Charcoal9mm10Charcoal
PM4896GNPlushway 120 x 240cm Heather Green9mm10Heather Green
PM4896BUPlushway 120 x 240cm Navy Blue9mm10Navy Blue
PM4896RDPlushway 120 x 240cm Red/Black9mm10Red/Black
Your Kumfi flooring is now in place in our workshop. We've had great feedback from the team so far both in terms of aesthetically and from a safe, grip anti-slip floor covering. Along with the quick turnaround time for delivery and the helpfulness of your team, we couldn't have asked for a better service. Thank you, Blue Diamond.
Steve Fleming, Director | Storagenstuff
Thank you, thank you! From my initial enquiry to despatch, your speed of service has been exceptional. To know that I can rely on you to have stock when I need it, plus receive same day despatch, you have certainly made my job easier. Blue Diamond, its official, you truly are my favourite supplier.
James Lincoln, Sales Development, ESE Direct
Blue Diamond have seriously impressed us with their speed of service and excellent communication. Orders are frequently sent out same day and the invaluable tracking information quickly follows. The quality of their products is first class and the team regularly go the extra mile to ensure that things run smoothly. Keep up the good work!
Mark O’Sullivan, Director, Trusted Mats
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