Our Logo Mats are going green!
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Our Logo Mats are going green!

From April, we are excited to advise that we will be changing the fabric material of our Logo Mats from nylon to 100% post-consumer recycled PET (plastic bottles). That means for a typical 85cm x 150cm mat, the yarn will be made of approx. 81½ plastic bottles! The 100% nitrile backing also contains 34% post-industrial recycled rubber.
Logo Mats not only provide excellent marketing and brand awareness, the heavy-duty twisted surface design, provides fantastic water absorbency and dirt removal. The nitrile backing also ensures zero movement once in place.
Each mat is custom-made to your individual requirements and are manufactured using advanced printing processes to ensure your message, or logo, is the perfect match.
Ready to make the eco-friendly switch? Why not contact team today to find out more.

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