Seeking roof walkway matting?
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Seeking roof walkway matting?

In April, we took our Cellmax and Interflex Hazard to the wind tunnel at the University of Southampton to understand their uplift resistance in a speed-controlled wind environment.

The test consists of placing each mat flat on the wind tunnel’s floor and then adding safety straps in the event of a dramatic uplift and/or rolling – basically to protect the machine! The test starts at 10mph wind speed, increasing by 5mph to a maximum of 80mph whilst monitoring for any significant motion i.e., uplift, rolling or sliding. The test was repeated for both edges of the mats and for Cellmax, we also connected two mats together with cable ties. The various tests are to understand their stability and safety under various conditions.

Each stage of the process is recorded to provide detailed data and analysis for future reference and if needed, product improvement.

The results – Our Cellmax has a resistance of up to 60mph and Interflex Hazard 80mph!

So, what are you waiting for, for roof walkway matting that you can guarantee will perform under even the most challenging conditions, choose Cellmax and Interflex Hazard!

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